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Location Filming | The Pines resort, Bass Lake, California, CA

Our Yosemite Hotel & Bass Lake on Film

Hotel Yosemite

The natural beauty of Bass Lake has attracted Hollywood's roving eye for generations. Movie and television directors have brought the stars to Bass Lake, California and the present day site of our Yosemite area hotel since the early 1930s.

Thanks to the 3,400 foot elevation of Bass Lake, Hollywood can use the "high country" lake as a background nearly year-round. Many film crews have shot "summer scenes" at Bass Lake, CA during the fall and winter.

In fact, we are so photogenic, that USA Today us one of the "Top 10 places to lodge yourself in a movie." Click here to see the article.

Hotel Yosemite
Leave Her To Heaven   The 20th Century Fox Academy Award winning film, "Leave Her To Heaven" was shot at Bass Lake in 1945 and starred Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain and Vincent Price.
Leave Her To Heaven   House facade set that was built on the shore of Bass Lake for "Leave Her To Heaven."
Photo: Dwight Samuels Collection
Leave Her To Heaven   Film crew shoots a scene from "Leave Her To Heaven" in 1945. Photo: Dwight Samuels Collection
The Great Outdoors   The video cover for "The Great Outdoors."
The Great Outdoors   The late John Candy (L) and Dan Aykroyd at the Pines Bar in a scene from "The Great Outdoors" written by John Hughes and directed by Howard Deutch.
The Great Outdoors   The 150-member cast and crew of "The Great Outdoors" spent six weeks filming at Bass Lake in 1987.
The Great Outdoors   At left is a ticket from the sell-out benefit screening of the film at the former Ponderosa Pines Theatre at Bass Lake.
Meatballs 4   "Meatballs 4", written and directed by Bob Logan, made great use of our lakeshore scenes.
Meatballs 4   "Meatballs 4", starred Corey Feldman and Playboy centerfold Cristy Thom (Second from Right).
Mouse Hunt   The Bonnie B Ranch near Bass Lake hosted the cast and crew of "Mouse Hunt", the 1997 release from Dreamworks SKG studios, which starred Nathan Lane and Lee Evans.
Mouse Hunt Set   The big old house in "Mouse Hunt" was erected at the Bonnie B Ranch near Bass Lake for exterior shooting.
The Giant of Thunder Mountain   "The Giant of Thunder Mountain" co-starred area resident Richard Kiel - known for his powerful "Jaws" character in the James Bond 007 films, and long time movie actor, Jack Elam. In addition, Foster Brooks, Marianne Rogers and Noley Thornton were filmed at a variety of locations around Bass Lake.
Giant of Thunder Mountain   Richard Kiel and Jack Elam in "The Giant of Thunder Mountain."
Deer Slayer   The shores of Bass Lake were the backdrop for the 1957 feature film, "Hiawatha."
Carnival Boat   Scenes from “Carnival Boat,” an old-fashioned action-melodrama about a logging camp starring William Boyd (pre-Hopalong Cassidy), Ginger Rogers and Fred Kohler were filmed at The Pines Resort in 1932.
Car Commercials   Auto commercials have been produced in and around Bass Lake for Cadillac, Honda, Chrysler and Isuzu.
Wells Fargo Commercial   A Wells Fargo Bank commercial was filmed just above Bass Lake.
Coors Commercial   Mark Harmon, shown at left, did two Coors commercials at Bass Lake. One in the popular series of Bud Light "I Love Ya Man" beer commercials was also shot at the lake.
Hotel Yosemite

The Pines Resort welcomes inquiries regarding serving as a location for motion picture, television and commercial projects.

Also, we are pleased to recommend local resident Dwight Samuels, as a top resource for historical photographs of Bass Lake, CA and The Pines Resort. Dwight has an extensive collection of more than 200 original negatives spanning 1860-1960. For photo reprint inquiries, he can be reached at

Hotel Yosemite
  • We are a privately owned resort (no county, state or federal permitting required); with significant experience and an excellent reputation with film, TV and photo crews.
  • We work closely with Dave Wolin, Executive Director of the Yosemite/Madera County Film Commission and have his full endorsement, expertise and support for all projects.
  • We are within a 5-hour driving distance from Los Angeles, with easy proximity to both Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) and Merced Regional Airport (MRE).
  • We are located just 14 minutes from Yosemite National Park, with easy year-round highway access to the southern gate.
  • The Pines Resort offers a prime lakefront, high country forested setting – yet at only 3,400 feet above sea level, summer scenes can easily be shot in spring or fall.
  • We offer a unique collection of quaint mountain-style Chalets, deluxe lakefront Suites, one small two bedroom house and one waterfront estate home that can serve a wide variety of backdrop needs.
  • Our historic onsite bar, market, gas station and Marina buildings evoke a homey, small-town, 1970's era appeal.
  • Crew/Cast accommodations, meals, hospitality and security services can be easily arranged, with favorable rates.

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