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When do you want to travel to Bass Lake?

Ducey's Bar & Grill at The Pines Resort
Ducey's Bar & Grill

Savor the Local Flavors from Grill

Located by the tranquil shores of Bass Lake, Ducey's Bar & Grill offers a culinary haven for visitors. Delight in a diverse array of specials, from hearty burgers to fresh seafood, all expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds. 

Menu at Ducey's Bar & Grill

Menu at Ducey's Bar & Grill

Explore an array of American comfort food and shareable delights, from appetizers to seafood, sandwiches to salads. Indulge in local craft beer, wine, and specialty cocktails as you savor every bite. With options for young diners and a selection of local brews like the Drunken Clams, every visit promises culinary delight.