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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Lakefront
Yosemite Hotel

  • How do I book a Family Reunion?

    If you are interested in booking more than 10 rooms OR if you need less than 10 rooms but need a banquet room, please reach out to one of our sales managers (contact information listed below). 
    If you need less than 10 rooms and no banquet - please contact Reservations (800)-350-7463.
  • Can my family share a Cabin?

    Due to fire safety, each cabin has maximum capacity of 6 people. Depending on the type, a family of up to 14 people can share a house (Villa). You can also book a duplex - two adjoining chalets. Larger families will need to book more than one cabin.
  • Can I request a specific Cabin location?

    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee specific room number, just the requested type. Room accommodation is based on the overall need at the Resort to maximize occupancy. 
  • Do you offer discounted family room rates?

    Yes. If you are interested in booking 10 or more rooms per night or less than 10, but you will book a banquet (dinner) - please make your reservation via Group Sales to receive discounted group rates (July stays are not eligible for discounts).
  • What is the best time to host a Family Reunion?

    Every season brings something different, so really any time is great! 
    For more affordable rates, or if you want to celebrate holidays and just to relax - we recommend November through March. 

    If you want to explore outdoors, plan on enjoying a lot of activities or water sports - look into staying April - October. 

    July is our peak month, therefore we do not offer any discounts.
Looking for something else?  Contact our concierge and ask directly.
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