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  • Bass Lake Area At Bass Lake California

Bass Lake - Year-Round Lakefront Destination

Located just 17 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park is Bass Lake - named a hidden gem of the Sierra. Charming mountain Village with the Pines Resort, located on the north shore of Bass Lake attracts people from all over the world for generations and became an ideal destination for your Yosemite adventures.

Winter Wonderland at Bass Lake

Vacations and family getaways do not need to be limited to only the summer months. Off- season months (which for Bass Lake are January through March) will let you "play like a local". You will truly be able to experience the area to the fullest. Winter in the Yosemite-Bass Lake area is, without question, an amazing experience to behold! You should consider yourself lucky if you arrive to a Winter Wonderland. You will be able to play in the snow and enjoy winter activities. Typically though, the weather is rather mild. You could enjoy local hiking trails, parks, and more without the crowds of tourists that fill that region the rest of the year. If you want to see a side of Bass Lake and Yosemite that few people besides locals ever get to enjoy, winter is the perfect time to visit. Read more...


*** NEW: Bass Lake Skate Rink ***

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Fall in Love with Bass Lake

It's a matter of fact, that visiting Yosemite and Bass Lake is always a good idea. No matter the season, the south gate of Yosemite is beautiful and has a variety of activities to offer year round. If your summer was  too busy to take time off and get away, now is the time to start planning your fall trip. One of the first things that you will notice is how serene the area really is. Time seems to slow down. The atmosphere is much more quiet and allows for the wildlife to come out to explore. They too no longer need to compete with crowds. If you are not a fan of touristy places you probably skipped visiting Yosemite in Summer on purpose (due to traffic, cost, crowds). Autumn will be perfect for you!  Read more...
Bass Lake At California

Serene Spring at Bass Lake

Experience Bass Lake and Yosemite National Park as you've never seen it before by visiting in the spring, when crowds are thin, the weather's great, the flowers are blooming, and the park's famous waterfalls are flowing. You may even get the chance to witness a rare natural phenomena seen only in the spring and early summer months. Here's just a few reasons why spring may just be the best time to visit this iconic National Park.   Read more...
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Summertime Fun at Bass Lake

There is something beyond special about spending summertime at Bass Lake. Those who were lucky to experience it know exactly what we are talking about. Shimmering emerald waters of Bass Lake, fragrant pine trees, laughter of those having fun at the lake, the sound of the boat engines and tropical music. All of that creates this special ambiance that you want to experience. Then, once you do - you want to come back over and over again.

Bass Lake can be equally fun as a hub to your Yosemite adventures, as well as a vacation destination. Probably the biggest benefit of visiting in the summer is that it offers the most activities and almost all the business in the area are open.


Winter at Bass Lake, California
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