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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Lakefront
Yosemite Hotel

  • What are the fees for visiting Mariposa Grove?

    All visitors must pay a park entrance fee of $35 per vehicle (as of 2021). Otherwise, the fee is $10 for persons arriving on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, horseback on via non-commercial bus. To limit the number of visitors, Yosemite Park Services requires for all guests to have an advance reservations to enter between May 20 and Sep 30, 2022. The shuttle to the Mariposa Grove is currently not operating, so to visit the grove, please be prepared for the 4-mile round-trip hike . NPS is planning to restart the shuttle around Memorial Day 2022.
  • Is Mariposa Grove open year round?

    Yes, however, in the 2021 Summer Season, due to Covid-19, the Yosemite Shuttle is not operating. If you plan to visit, you must hike on foot (approx. 4mile round trip). In order to enter Yosemite National Park you must have an advance reservation, if you are visiting from May 21 until Sept 30, 2021.
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